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Automobile accidents, trucking accidents, oilfield accidents and defective products can all cause serious injuries, such as traumatic brain injury (TBI), spinal cord injury, burns and bone fractures. 

Palestine attorney Jim Parsons helps people in East Texas who have suffered from serious injuries to recover the compensation to which they are entitled.

Brain Injury

Traumatic brain injury (TBI) can result from a direct blow to the head or from severe or violent shaking of the head, as may happen when travelling in an automobile that is suddenly brought to a stop in a front-end or rear-end collision (whiplash). 

Rehabilitation for a patient with brain damage is usually overseen by a physiatrist or neuropsychologist, who must have an intimate understanding of the diagnosis and how best to treat the patient. Although brain damage is irreversible in the sense that a damaged area of the brain cannot be repaired, a great deal of lost function can be restored through proper therapy and treatment. 

 The most common types of such therapy are speech therapy and occupational therapy. Social workers and psychologists often play a pivotal role in this treatment.

Spinal Injury

An injury to the spinal cord can cause permanent paralysis of the legs and the lower body (paraplegia), or to both arms and legs and the entire body up to the neck (quadriplegia), depending on where along the spine the injury occurs. 

Nerve signals travel back and forth to and from the brain along the spinal cord. When the spinal cord is severed or severely damaged, communication between the brain and the nerves below the point of injury is lost. 

The higher up along the spinal column the injury occurs, the more serious and extensive the person’s injury will likely be. Even with treatment, a person with a spinal cord injury may continue to experience on-going challenges with daily living, possibly requiring a lifetime of additional care and added expense.

Burn Injuries

Burn injuries are among the most painful injuries, both at the time of the accident and through a long period of recuperation. Nerve endings may be damaged, leaving them extremely sensitive to stimulus and pain. Multiple surgeries and skin grafts over a period of years are often part of the reconstructive process.

Burn injuries can occur in automobile or trucking accidents that result in fire, or in oilfield accidents, where explosions and fires are a likely result from something going wrong. 

Certain defective products may also malfunction and explode or catch fire. Other products contain caustic chemicals which can cause severe burns if not handled properly. Such products are defective when they do not provide adequate warnings or instructions about their safe use.


Broken bones are a frequent injury in automobile and trucking accidents as well as oilfield accidents. Understanding the different types of fractures and their ramifications, and being able to communicate those facts to a jury, are essential to obtaining a proper recovery. 

For example, fractures may be displaced, non-displaced, open or closed. There is a big difference among these types as to how long each will take to heal, how much pain is involved—both in the injury and in subsequent treatment—and which could involve the need for surgery to set the bones and/or to insert pins. 

Months of physical therapy are likely to be involved. Moreover, even with the best of care, the bone may never heal properly, leaving the person with limited mobility and lingering pain and discomfort.

Other fractures, such as vertebral fractures and skull fractures, can cause permanent paralysis or brain damage if not treated promptly and properly, such as from bone fragments pressing on the spinal cord or brain which must be carefully removed through complicated surgery.

Seek Experienced Legal Representation

If you have been seriously injured in an accident caused by another’s negligence, you need an experienced trial lawyer who understands the full impact of those injuries, including their economic and non-economic costs. 

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